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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Bill

I got a bill in the mail yesterday from a collection agency. A collection agency!!!! It was regarding and orthodontist. Now true, I did have a lot of work done last year on my teeth and need more this year. But I have been faithfully taking care of all of that. So I tried to get that out of my brain because, at ten o'clock at night, there was nothing to be done with this.

When I got up today I thought I might call my dentist first to make sure it was legitimate. What if it was a bogus bill? Why would a credit agency be sending me a bill for collection with all of these interest fees that I have never seen before? What if it was a scam? So I called my doctor's office and the accountant said that I have a zero balance and nothing should be coming through from anyone else. Oh my! So I figure I have a situation on my hands.

Then I called the credit agency and explained the situation. The very sweet woman pulled the account and asked "Alexandria?" "What?" I replied. "Alexandria. Are you Alexandria?" Then I looked down and realized that the bill was addressed to a different person. It was not my name on the bill. This person gave them my address to mail the bill to.

Oh my god~~~~

The moral to this story?

Always check to see if it is your name on the envelope.

I take too much for granted.

I am relieved and the day continues, unencumbered.

Are you all laughing now?