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Friday, August 3, 2012

Improvements on the poppy

Try as I might, I could not get this photo to come out clear. But you can see that it has changed.  It is a far cry from my first entry on this flower. It has taken on texture. And more color..

I went out in search of those little wires, I think they are called pistils? Nothing in town. So, I took a piece of paper cut it three inches long and made these cuts so fine that I am sure there are nearly seventy cuts to the paper. 

I figured out a new way of attaching the wire into the center so that the flowers would not slip off the stem. I used my round nosed pliers and made a circle  which sits at the base of the center and then everything twists from there. No glue this time. Only stem paper. Wrapping is tricky, but it becomes easier with every new poppy.

This is one from the first batch that just has a simple center. It is also too large.  I also started putting on seven petals on the light colored flowers. They are so beautiful.

Just above the poppies you can see the sweet peas. And when I studied pictures of poppies, there are many colors and not all the centers are black. It is a very fascinating flower. Flowers.It is a joy just having them on the table.