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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Passion

This horse was a real challenge because, although you can't see it, there are a lot of dark fabrics set on dark fabrics. This is the type of quilted piece that has perhaps 80 pieces all carefully cut and using adhesive, are then strategically placed layer upon layer to achieve the final picture. Some pieces are independent and so if you are off a little it matters not. But most pieces require precise placement. Look at the horse's eye. Is that not the most beautiful look you have ever seen? The summer before I came to Oregon, I spent a great deal of time at a stable braiding the manes of a few horses who competed in dressage. I recognize the look in this eye. Peaceful, meditative. Understanding. I love this horse. If I was into owning such things, I would want to own this piece.

This was the first piece I made like this. You can't see it, but ever single piece, every spot on this quilt is edge-stitched. No matter how small. Even the leaves that come off the sides and edge stitched, then curled over a dowel, and tacked on. The horse isn't. We wanted to show customers that they didn't necessarily have to have sewing skills to make one of these. It is really ok to just cut and iron on the pieces. There are women who blow up the images and hand applique the designs and turn them into full - sized quilts. These two pieces are small, maybe 14 X 22 - ish. Just wall hangings. I am hoping that when I go in on Monday, and I ask, they will let me do another. I really enjoy these.

I haven't made very many pieces of clothing for adults these past few months. But I am about to be hit. I was told to collect patterns for white blouses. Well, it is beginning. I love white blouses. One never has enough white blouses. If it was up to me, I would set up a display with six or eight of them and a basic collection of little skirts and wonderful pants to mix and match. It would make a fabulous display. Something we have never done before. maybe I can talk Julie into it. It is a classic look. And refreshing from all the knit crap that is out threr right now that makes everyone look so fat because they don't know how to wear it.

Chelsea Bag

I created this bag for display. It is totally solid and somewhat awkward to make. Around the opening for the handle you end up topstitching over the topstitching. So if you are fussy, it looks a little messy. Really, if you want this bag, you have to overlook a few points that are not neat. I find that today's designers do not really care about detail. They are willing to sacrifice a fine finish so long as from afar - it looks good. Are we losing our hand for finishing?

Name the sock

Our computer geek, Robert, at work is also our photographer. I was asked to put something together for the advertisement of my knitting class. I have been working on a pair of bamboo socks which I am designing myself. So I had this thought -

You can wear "Tube socks" or you can wear beautiful hand made socks. Come and learn to knit!!!!

I thought it was rather cute and catchy. What do you think?

The Latest Me

This is the new photo that will be posted throughout the store and on the website for Fabric Depot advertising my knitting class. What do you think? Maybe I look a little stoned? It WAS taken before I had my first cup of coffee. At least this time I got to orchestrate the location being in front of a fake tree instead of brown fur. And I am wearing makeup. And Denise - look! You can see my high lites!!! These are actually my natural grays showing up so beautifully. I love my hair since I went gray.

All in all, it is a pretty good picture considering it was thrust upon me without notice. I really have to admit that as the years go by, I am loving the "self" more. To have survived what I have and be able to look as creative as I feel???? I have great hope for my eighties and nineties.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Just You

There is no old age.
There is,
As there always was,
Just you.

It seems that I am surrounded with the issues of the age of the elderly, and yet, I have difficulty understanding it all. I just don't feel at all quite there. It is difficult to be 60 years old when I don't feel 60. Social Security, and all of that stuff? I am not yet ready to begin falling apart.

I am not yet ready to turn my life over to youth. They may know more about modern technology, but I know more about my art and my work than they do. And as long as this is so, I think I will always be more important. Somehow I will have to place myself always in front of the class. This does not mean that there is nothing left for me to learn. I am always sitting in a classroom of some sort. But also, in my work, I will always be an artist, a teacher, a mentor, and such. As I respect the universe for all that it has given me, so will I always be respected for what I return to this very same universe.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Friendship is born
at that moment
when one person
says to another
"What, you too!
I thought I was the only one!!!"