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Friday, July 2, 2010

Just You

There is no old age.
There is,
As there always was,
Just you.

It seems that I am surrounded with the issues of the age of the elderly, and yet, I have difficulty understanding it all. I just don't feel at all quite there. It is difficult to be 60 years old when I don't feel 60. Social Security, and all of that stuff? I am not yet ready to begin falling apart.

I am not yet ready to turn my life over to youth. They may know more about modern technology, but I know more about my art and my work than they do. And as long as this is so, I think I will always be more important. Somehow I will have to place myself always in front of the class. This does not mean that there is nothing left for me to learn. I am always sitting in a classroom of some sort. But also, in my work, I will always be an artist, a teacher, a mentor, and such. As I respect the universe for all that it has given me, so will I always be respected for what I return to this very same universe.

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