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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just My Imagination

For some reason I got up this morning and thought I heard on the radio that this was Sophia Loren's 70th birthday. I have been thinking about this all day. That makes her 9 years older than me. How could that possibly be? I just now remembered to look it up. She was born in 1934 making her 15 years older than me. Well, that is better. .... Still, when you think about it, 15 years. The older you get, the shorter a span of years seems to be. Am I right?

I am sitting here in my chair soaking my feet in a beautiful lavender soap water. It has been a very very busy few days. I made 11 noren curtains for the sushi restaurants. This project had to get done. I have had it a month.

Then last week, Julie presented me with her latest project. Only this one was not for the store. It was for her husband who is a drummer in Las Vegas. He landed a really prestigious part as Ringo Star in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. his outfit is very specific. All four of their outfits were very specific and individualized to their personalities. What we had seen in the internet was very "constume-y", cheap. He was looking for the real thing. She asked me for my help because of my experience. So, we began. She networked across the country to bring in just the perfect pink satin, the perfect trims, everything. What we couldn't get in the store, we depended on the vast collection of vendors that she had connections with. Everyone pulled through for her. What it says is that she is such a lovely person, that people are willing to bend over backwards to help her.

Hey, Monday and Tuesday I got up at 9:30 in the morning to get to the store to work on this project. That really says a lot about her. She created the shell. All the gold work. I created all the inner mechanics of the outfit. I made the pants, that is the only satin I touched other than installing the sleeves which she was more comfortable with my doing. OK.

The linings had to be detachable for cleaning. We chose bamboo fabric for this because it wicks moisture away from the body and it cools the body too. A good fabric and easy to work with. Snaps and hooks and buttons everywhere. This was all my installation. Underarm shields. I designed those specific. Lots of them, adding colored stitching to indicate front and back. Same with the boxer shorts that went into the pants.

Trims applied and removed because they didn't work. Julie did all of this. Waiting for the perfect one to come to the front.

At 4 o'clock, when it was done, it was absolutely perfect. Of course, no time to take pictures. Wrap it up and off to the airport. Pictures will come. It was fabulous.

While applying the last details, we were able to talk a bit about how wonderful it was to get to work together. We do that well. We supported each other, carried each other, understood what each other thought. We work very very well together. It was a total pleasure. As I was packing up to come home, I found a little card she left me, telling me how happy she was to know me. I know what she meant. I feel the same with her.

It was a great experience.

I go back into work today, Wednesday facing another deadline. I have just today to finish a shirt/coat for one of our vendors who will be attending "Quilt Market" this weekend. And because of my surgery, I have only today to finish it. Again, no pressure there.

This I can photo. The fabric is Robert Kaufman and has not been released yet. And it is going to be cute. You know, I could wear such a thing. I should just be daring. But I'm not. I am locked into what I wear and that is it.

Denise gave me a shirt she didn't want anymore becuase it was old and I opened the side seams a bit. But the shirt fits really well. I am just so used to wearing everything so baggy.

I am thinking of making changes this winter. I am getting a new mouth. So why not a new body!!


  1. Sophia is clearly a woman who is not accepting aging very well:
    But hey, we can make ourselves proud and glory in our own aging process, no?

    So glad you finished those pesky curtains! Now you can move on! um. Ringo? I DO hope you took pictures. With your good camera . . .

  2. There really was no time to take pictures of the Ringo project. I am hoping to have Julie send me pictures that I can upload to the blog. From there I can explain everything. A new order for curtains will be coming soon. Pesky maybe, but the income is good.