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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October snow storm

When the snow first began I was at my sister Linda's house. I ran out to see if I could catch the first few flakes of snow. I thought it would not last. After all, this is only October. It would be cool to catch snow flakes in October. I was positive that nothing would come of it.

The air was white. You can see it here. This always happens before a snow. The air changes color.

Here you can see a few flakes on the left.

A little while later, it was getting a bit denser

It might look like rain but it is just that the snow is heavy. Very wet. It is beginning to come down very hard.

OK. This is turning into real snow. Now you can really see that this is a snow storm. I think it might become more that a dusting.

I love this picture. This is a well ingrained memory from growing up. The clothes line. Even in winter the laundry was hung out there. The sheets and jeans were frozen stiff. Careful not to bend them or else....

This makes me feel quite peaceful. I can look at this forever. ~~~~ I just have.

OK. People have lost power, television, internet, heat, everything. It became a mess. It is a record affair going on here. A record storm since 1908, I heard on the news, in this state. 200,000 people without power. For some, it will take a week to restore them.

I myself? I am on the CMC Hospital grid and we are a little special here according to George. Things here have to be the last to go. The hospital is huge and major. Can't break down. I don't have heat yet, but that has nothing to do with the snow. I didn't know my heat is gas. Last week, I spoke with the landlord because I couldn't figure out how to turn on the heat and he asked me if I had called the gas company. I hadn't because I didn't know it was a gas situation. Nothing on the lease indicated it. I had to remind myself that it was out of my control. Just make the call.

So, I called them and an appointment was made to get it turned on this coming Friday. And then this cold spell hits with the snow? I am living with sweaters, leggings, socks, and my winter coat on the bed at night. It works. And I actually get hot in here with all this stuff. The days are beautiful. I even opened the windows today. How I love this time of year.

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