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Thursday, April 26, 2012


A couple of months ago I went to Ethan Allen with my sister Suzanne and my Mother. Suzanne was looking for new chairs for her living room. While there, I found this bed that I fell in love with that had this incredible quilt. It was black and had these YoYo's stitched on it. I should have taken pictures.

Last week I went back there to take pictures of the quilt. It was no longer there. Sold. They did have a tiny pillow in white. I got a picture of the bed though. I have always loved sleigh beds. Isn't it just wonderful? I have never liked post beds. I love the look and feel of the wood here. Can't you just imagine a fabulous quilt on this bed? 

I took a picture of the pillow though just to get an idea of the dimensions. I began researching how to make yoyo's. I even bought a yoyo maker which has been the rage for years, making the process easier. I made a few of them before going to Ethan Allen to take the picture. I knew that I was not duplicating them right. The technique I was learning had holes in the center when you gathered the fabric. And as I remembered the original quilt, there were no holes. When I saw the pillow and took pictures, I was right. this is a different technique. I looked everywhere on the internet and saw nothing like this in tutorials. Trial and error. But I have it worked out and now my pieces are looking exactly like the original quilt. It is a project I can bring anywhere with me, like my knitting.

I have no idea how many it will take to make a quilt. I guess I will just figure that out one day. I don't know how to even think about numbers. I think it will take an experienced quilter to help me with that. It will be quite the thing to see when it's done.

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