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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I was writing to my sister Denise about the things I have in storage when all of a sudden I got a craving for chocolate. I rarely eat chocolate anymore so I don't even have chocolate chips in the house.

A little flour, eggs, cocoa, butter, and a pretty bundt pan - voila! The wonderful thing about having great landlords is it will be lovely to bring them some tomorrow. Everyone loves chocolate cake, especially when it is this pretty. Yes?


  1. That's a very pretty chocolate creation. Did you sprinkle it with anything? Seems like now I'm driving you to chocolate! I hope it was super tasty!

  2. No, I did not dust it. I just ate a piece. A chocolate attack requires very little embellishment. One just digs in. i did, however, give half of it to my wonderful landlords today. Longine looked at it with wide eyes and touched it to see how soft it was. Of course, it was a very tender cake. He smile and for the first time, he did not talk my ear off. He simply turned and walked into his house cake in hand, grin on face.

  3. Good for him! When there's a choice between discussion and indulgence, well, what choice is there?

  4. Hmmmm,I am inspired to pull my baking pans out of the packing boxes now-where I live now I keep rather condensed since my last move;btw,let me recommend a flavor I discovered recently over the holidays: lavender and caramel :) :) :)