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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Long or Short

I went grey several years ago while working at Fabric Depot in Portland Oregon. I had been dying my hair since I was maybe eighteen years old? Then I decided I would see if I had my father's hair. He had really beautiful grey hair mixed in with his gently brown hair. And that is what I have. Then I decided to cut it short. Everyone loved it. And so did I. It was a no fuss cut. Same length all around. No tapering,  No boy-cut. Two inches all around. That way I could wash it, fluff it with my fingers and go.

When I returned to New Hampshire I decided to let it grow out. I have always loved the look of women with long grey hair. Women who were not intimidated by age. They were proud to show their age and be young at the same time. I decided I wanted to be this type of woman. So I grew it. But it wasn't working for me. My hair was too thin and limp. It just hung there and I was always putting clips in it to put it back from my face. At one point I even pulled it back and cut it off. It was awful.

When I told my sisters that I had a job interview this Friday, my little sister Linda decided I needed to get my hair cut again. It was a good look for me and it was time to do this.

I didn't realize my glasses were so big. they didn't look this big when I had all my hair. Of course the hairdresser blow dried my hair which I don't do mainly in part because I don't have a blow dried and also because I am just not that type of person.

I took these pictures of myself which is awkward. But this is the color of my Father's hair. You can see the streak of pure grey above my ears. And when it is short it actually has some curl to it. Some life. She didn't put the part in the right place. I did this morning. My hair looks even better today. And I started using goat's milk cream on my face and chin and the wrinkles have disappeared a bit. Do I look like I am going on 64 years old? I will put on earrings for the interview.


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    1. Beautiful,and not knowing what summer is like where you are probably very comfortable.