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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Better bread

I have come home from work. Eighteen hours have past since the dough went from flour water and yeast. I turned the dough out from the bowl and let it rest covered by cloth for 15 minutes. Now I have shaped it into the round and have placed it on the heavily floured and branned cloth where it will rise for another two hours. After an hour, I will start the oven and place in it the Lodge Dutch Oven which will heat up for the last hour.

This is it after being baked in the covered dutch oven for 35 minutes. I am sitting here typing, watching the Iron Chef and above all this I can hear the loaf in the kitchen crackling. It is speaking to me. How I love making bread. I am anxious to hear how D~ likes it. She is my barometer.


  1. deeply inhaling ..... yum. Love those pot holders too!

  2. You like them? They are my pathway pattern. I'll send you a pair. I have been thinking of making new ones. I feel these are a little small. I think pot holders should be large. They are never substantial enough. So I am going to redesign them.