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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I told you so

Do you see it? Right in the middle of this drawer, the blue and silver thing next to the light bulb. That's it. Yes, just as I said. I knew that if I sent for a new bead reamer, after having looked for mine for days, after having spring cleaned as a result, every nook and cranny, I would finally find mine. Now, I have looked in this drawer how many times? Why didn't I see it! Because it wasn't there. Someone, I don't know who, has a key to my apartment. They came in, borrowed it, then brought it back after a few weeks. Because I swear it wasn't there. I mean, I looked in this drawer at least a dozen hundred times. And this person is not new to me. This person has been following me around for decades, because this is not the first time this has happened to me. This person has "borrowed" things from me before. I wish he wasn't such a coward. I wish he would let me know who he is so I cold just call him when I can't find something. Save me a lot of grief. But noooo. He has to be a secret. So now I have two damn bead reamers.

Anyone want a bead reamer?


  1. whats a bead reamer? sounds exotic!

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  3. A bead reamer is a tool that works the holes in beads. It clears them, makes holes bigger, changes the shapes. It is an invaluable tool when I am working beads.