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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Some say I should take the batteries out of my camera when I am not using it. Some say why - if the camera is turned off.


I have to have the worst battery karma in the universe.
I can't keep a battery alive for the life of me. I have had this brand new beautiful camera for how long now? Two months? TWO MONTHS!!! And the batteries are already dead. I have taken what - maybe a hundred pictures? What do people do when they go on trips? Carry around a dozen batteries? Am I crazy here? What the hell am I doing wrong? I never leave it on for longer than I am using it. I take a few pictures and turn it off. I take care of this beautiful thing. So I look around the house and find eight batteries. I don't have a single working battery in this place. There is a date on these batteries that came with the camera. At least it looks like a date. 09-2014. Looks like a date to me. Ach.

Can anyone tell me if there is a battery out there that I can buy that will last me more than a month or two? Anyone? Please?

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