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Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Summer

Yes, summer comes and I just crumble. It has been like this for decades. Who said that just because I am a human being I HAVE to be a summer person?? I want to meet that person. Whenever I tell someone that summer is my worst season they are amazed like there is something wrong with me. Yet it is perfectly acceptable to say that one does not like winter.

In summer people are hot and cranky. They smell. They sweat. And they complain about everything. people are just miserable in summer. And yet - they love summer. I don't get it.

When the heat hits I am undone. I lose my momentum. I get side-tracked. I don't want to move. Give me a chair and a cup of coffee and that is that.

I found out today while having a harmless argument with my sister that putting two spaces after a period is no longer done. My world is falling apart. Soon, there will no longer be two spaces between paragraphs. There will no longer be paragraphs. Words will all come one right after the other and no one will know what anyone is talking about.

Everyone is starting to complain that I have not been to my blog in a long time - over a month. It is summer. I ran into problems with my Etsy site and the frustration caused me to shut down completely. Remember - it is summer and I undo easily. I haven't even used my phone. I haven't even used my imagination. I am lucky I still have a job! Well, I am pretty good at my job. Thank god I maintain some consistency at work.

So I am trying to be back. This is my attempt to be back. I hear summer is officially over on Labor Day which is today. Yay.


  1. yes Pauline, summer is officially over. Now get BUSY!

  2. You have not been idle, my dear. Your home is filled with your latest creations. The new Etsy piece you posted is wonderful. As for spacing after periods, double spacing hasn't been used since typewriters left the scene. For an explanation of why, read this:

    Take pictures!!!