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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Searching for the Smile

They want pictures of my teeth so they make new ones to look like what I once had. This is a strange smile, eh!!

This shows a pretty natural mouth. You can see my fingers splayed out. It is because I am apprehensive about having my picture taken. I am not every "ONE" with the camera.

OK. I am being better with the camera.

I am now seeking to fix my teeth. I used to have a really wonderful smile. At least I think it was wonderful. I met a wonderful dentist, Dr. Borbotsina, back in 1976 who diligently took care of my teeth. I had wonderful insurance and I was self conscious about my mouth. Back then, I weighed over 350 pounds, but I did take care of myself. I was on the very cusp of a life change that had me lose 180 pounds and my self image had me reeling, not having a clue what I should be doing.

Dr Jim was concerned about how my diet which completely excluded food would affect my teeth and was committed to keeping up the care of my them. Consequently I have always had a great mouth.

So here I am in Oregon having been on these medications for several years that have caused a severe case of dry mouth and my teeth are falling out one by one, cracking, chipping. I eat rice and soup, oat meal, eggs, mostly soft foods. And still they come out. One tooth feel out while I was trying to take out my mouth piece. One tooth came out while eating ice cream. Ice cream!! It is awful. I have lost my smile. I just don't want to talk to anyone.

I went to OHSU today to be examined by their dental school to see if I would be a candidate for their program at a decent price that I might afford. Well, I am a candidate, but the price is high. $3000.

My regular dentist here quoted me $3500. So there is a conflict. I would be saving only $500 by going to a school. Of course I could look at it another way. When I look at it another way, I see that my dentist discounted all of my procedures. Originally, the cost was $4904 and he discounted it $1396. Could that be because I discussed full dentures with him last year thinking this would happen as the cavities were already very visible back then? But he thought it would not be necessary and just put in partials.

All I know is, This has to be done. It will take time, it will be a bit painful, take adjustment, be ugly for awhile, but in the end it will be better.

Now, go brush you teeth!

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  1. Brave and beautiful Paulina. You inspire hope. I've missed you.