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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Birthday

It was such an unusual birthday this year. Since I arrived here in Oregon in 2003, I haven't really known anyone close enough to celebrate my birthday with except my sister Denise. Oh, I know a lot of people from the store and through the store, but no one who would do the 'make a cake and buy a present' thing. But it was different this year.It seemed as though every time I turned around more little groups of women were celebrating. It was wonderful. I was so moved. Little gifts, candles, hugs, conversations about age and grace.

This past year has been really quite a turning year for me. And the proof of it has shown this past week surrounding my birthday. I don't know why people are so anxious about "getting old". I think really, it is a matter of perception. I really don't think people know how to look at themselves once they begin to turn fifty, sixty years old. And I think that those fitness gurus, the age-conscious gurus out there really don't hit the mark with their philosophies. If they did, then people wouldn't be so uptight about getting old. It is very very rare indeed that I meet anyone comfortable about being 61.

I just love being 61. It was a great birthday. And it will be a wonderful year. And if you want to know why, email me.

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  1. i am blown away by your humor and bravery. You continue to teach at each and every turn of this thing we call Life. There are no words to relay my admiration and astonishment - speechless. You render me speechless. Package on its way ...