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Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Suit

I have to admit that last year's offering, although the fabric was absolutely fabulous, did absolutely nothing for me. I thought the dress and jacket pattern was wonderful. But when the fabric was put to pattern, it just didn't work for me. But I was told over and over that customers loved it. They couldn't keep the fabric in the house. The fabric was re-ordered over and over. When i took it down today I repaired the snaps because there was a list of customers who wanted to buy the garment. Well, that's nice.

But this suit. The fabric vendors usually show their offerings in the classroom as they need a lot of room to lay out their samples. I try to peek at the books and layouts when I can to see if anything jumps out at me. i was really taken by this one which appeared late summer. I asked the vendor if he would front us three yards for a display. Usually they jump at this because they know we are a big store and can really sell a lot of fabric from our displays. But this guy seemed a little hesitant. Then I matched it up with a coordinating fabric for lining and pant and he saw that we would be selling probably an unmentionable sum of fabric as a result and he acquiesced. Then it seemed like forever for the fabricto come in. I like to get that display done by the beginning of November. Customers begin thinking of their holiday outfits at that time. Then it came in and no one could find it. The lining and pant fabric never came in. Problem with manufacturing. I didn't give it a second thought. I just pulled other fabrics. After all, it was the jacket that was the focus from the beginning.

It is a Vogue Very Easy pattern and very esy it is. It took me just an afternoon. It is short, cropped, unstructured, and very flattering. I made a twelve. It looks really small but when I had women try it on, it really fit the size. I paired it with a high waisted pant that is also a very easy vogue pattern that is not even lined. I used a stretch sating that I reversed so that it is shown on the flat crepe side. The satin side was too shiny and limited. I thought a customer would find this side more sofisticated and might even wear it with other outfits.

There are no darts. Princess seams that have very little bust curves. The collar detail is simple and artistic. It has the only interfacing. The front of the jacket is not interfaced because the jacket is designed to not even have a button. I put a large snap there because it would be too simple for a customer to run with this piece. A large tight snap deters theft. Sad but true.

I only make one suit a year for the Home Decorating department using an upholstery fabric. I will do little things for them, but this is the major garment display for them. This is going to be a good one for them. They originally purchased 60 yards. Within a couple of weeks they will have to triple that order and continue to do that now throughout most of the year.


  1. Your nagging sister is going to say sure wish the pictures were taken with your better camera rather than the cellphone. This is a piece where the fabric detail, said texture, would be wonderful to see. Maybe you could take some more pictures of this. It's gorgeous.

  2. Your astonished sister is going to add: did you really write that at 4:00 a.m.?????????

  3. The jacket is lovely. Your work is so fine that you could make a Hair Shirt enviable, desirable!