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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas' end

Here I sit in my wonderful big chair. I have just finished the Christmas laundry. I am wearing my nightgown which is newly cleaned and still warm from the dryer. And my old green Woolrich shirt which is nearly 30 years old and so threadbare that I worry it will not last much longer. They don't make shirts like this anymore. A friend gave this to me when I was living in Boston just after my gastric bypass. I was always cold in those days and he thought this might keep me warm. This was back in 1980. So, yes, 30 years old.

The Christmas dishes are done. It is dead silent in here. All the neighbors are gone for the weekend. There is so much peace and serenity here that I could just fall asleep right now as I type should I be so inclined.

It has been a magnificent day. Exactly as I had hoped it would be. Beautiful. My sister did not have to do anything. My niece kept offering and I kept reminding her that it was not the intention for the day that either of them do anything. I merrily spent my time in the kitchen doing my thing. How I love to cook. How I love to serve people. It was just meant to be this way. I am happiest in this role. Hand over the kitchen and it is like giving me heaven. Go pick up your knitting, go pick up the remote to the television, do whatever you want. Leave me to the kitchen and your taste buds and I am at peace. Content. Breathing deeply. And don't be telling me you can't eat another bite because I have another bite coming.

It does not get any more perfect than this. Wine, coffee, tea, water, food, sit.........

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  1. your Christmas sounds heavenly. How I wish I could have imported you to NYS to MY kitchen!!!! P.S. - I'm on Skype now if you want to call me, it's pretty easy to remember ... jody.mellenthin
    Hope to speak soon!