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Friday, December 31, 2010

Flying Geese

This is my first attempt at the Flying Geese pattern. I am not making a quilt. It is for a bag. Quite a bit of cutting, precise cutting. OK I have that under control. I put together one block and it looked not quite right. Just then, Julie who teaches beginning quilting happens to walk in to see how things are going with the upcoming re-carpeting issues.

I showed her my block and she gives me the tip of sewing just to the right of the marked line.Then I go out to the classroom with her and we talk about the move and all the work and the mechanics of everything. She leaves and I get back to work. I get 24 blocks done. I don't know.

The above, the points are not 1/4 inch seam allowance. Do I take them ap0art? Re-cut them?
What did I do wrong?

These look a little better, they were the second set. I sewed to the right of the line but closer to the line. but still, I don't think the 1/4 inch seam allowance is very abundant.

I haven't stitched any of the pieces together as I still have a third colorway to do. Blue and pink. How long does it take someone to perfect this technique?

Maybe when I go in to the my workroom today I will have to get some books and do some reading because this little pattern gives no information on technique. And I can't put on the floor for display a bag that looks all wrong. These points have to turn out right.

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  1. recheck your pattern - something is CLEARLY off because YOU don't produce this kind of work, ever!!!! Why don't you paper piece the bugger? Then precision will not be an issue at all. Shall I send you a link?