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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Who ever thought I would make pic cushions for the wrist. I see students in the classroom all the time with these tomato cushions strapped to their wrists as they work their patterns and I always wonder what the attraction is. I guess it's just that I ..... I don't know. i would need to have what. At least six of them to accommodate each type of pin that I work with. Or would I just load the pins on that I would be working with at that time. Of course, there is something romantic about picking up my lovely cushions and moving them constantly from here to there as I am working. I love that. No, I am not a wrist person.

But I can see that some are. And Denise and Caroline are. Yes, Denise asked if I would make her one. So I got the pattern from Caroline and she said to follow it exactly. They know me. I have a tendency to do my own thing with patterns. So I did and it really looked a bit small to me. It is the cushion on the right with the multi-colored pins. I found a remnant of fabric with sailboats that cost me $3.00. It was a big piece. So I fussy-cut it and got the tiny sailboats to come through on top. Cute little thing. I even found blue twill tape and matching blue velcro if you can imagine.

Denise loved it but it WAS small for some of the pins that she uses when working the heavy fabrics on her boats. So I made a second one and enlarged the pattern an inch. From 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches. Much more substantial. As you can see on the left. I also placed in some iron on interfacing to give the fabric some support to take the abuse of the large pins. Of course, it only took me moments to make and I could make her a dozen of these in my sleep.

Anyone want one?

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