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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Not what you expected, eh!!

Caroline picked out this stitch for her fingerless gloves. It looked simple and, in the end, it will be simple. But putting it to needle was so frustrating I almost decided to just do a garter stitch.

You see, this is one of those stitches that you work both sides the same.

Yarn over, slip one purl wise, knit two together. That is all it is. Turn your work, do the exact same on the other side. But in the round.....

YouTube failed me. Some people just are not good teachers.

I even brought it to work and worked on my lunch, so obsessed was I. I should never have tried to figure it out on the actual piece. I am working with tiny yarn and I kept dropping stitches, having to take out rows, it turned out to be a mess and I have already completed the 15 rows of the cuff, which I do not want to start over. I do not!!!

So, here it is now, all figured out. I took out some big yarn and big needles. I began with the flat piece going back and forth all the same on each side. Then I slipped the piece onto three needles and figured out the reverse side. Really, it should be very simple. Perle two together, slip one perle wise, yarn over, but it is very awkward. I'm sure after a couple of inches it will all become more natural and the pattern will come through. What is awkward, is that the yarn overs come at the beginning and ends of the needles and you have to be ever mindful of them. Because they are double pointed needles there is a lot more activity than single needles, and, to create more stress, I am working with size 2 needles.

So very delicate work. But they will be exactly what she wants.

A picture to follow.

They say we may have snow. This is where you lower your voice down to the bottom of your throat and languidly say"


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