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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Most Days

I have this thing with nature, it seems, of late. I don't know, maybe it has been like this for ever, but I have really only noticed it the past year or so. Yesterday was a perfect example. Prediction of rain, possible snow. Some wind. Of all days to have to travel on buses to go to the dentist. Well, maybe I will cancel. I'll get up, look outside. It will be cold, miserable. I have waited too long for this adjustment as it is, what is one more week. But when I woke up, there really wasn't a wind and no rain. So I got dressed and ventured out.

As soon as I boarded the bus, it began to downpour.

When my stop came up to transfer to another bus, the sun was out!

I am sitting in the dentist's chair, waiting for everything to happen and I am looking out into the square and it is pouring out. I am thinking - I am right next door to a Rite Aid and I have been seriously thinking about buying a facial cleanse (another blog entry)... Ah, but it's raining.

I leave the office, and the sun is out! My friend Christina has suggested a product which is not expensive, so I go to the store then to the bus stop. Here's the bus. We are half a block away and it begins to pour!!

The whole day like this.

And today. Last night - Snow. All night on the television, even the mayor of Portland is on telling everyone how he has all of his teams on the ready, to make everyone safe for the snow today. I go to work, I come home, THEN it snows.

I think I have good weather karma.

I also have good parking karma.

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  1. bring on the weather! The REAL weather - the wind, the rain, the hail. Then clear it all up, present a blue sky touched with grey. How boring it would be if the weather remained static.