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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quilt book

The story here is that I don't have my books with me. They are in storage. I want to make these tiny little quilts that are maybe 4 to 6 inches that will be given to women being treated for cancer. My sister Linda told me about this woman who makes these simple little quilts that are just four blocks and each block is knotted and they come with a note that says "Each knot is tied with love for you." The women who get these are very moved and keep them very close. An act of love and compassion between two women. So I thought I could do that with all of these scraps that I have from my own work and from all of the scraps that friends have sent me. But I am not an experienced quilter, even though there are those out there who think I am. So I have been looking for books with patterns I might use. I thought I would do something a bit different instead of just four squares sewn together. You know me. Never that simple. My mother and I were out today and we went to Martin's House of Fabrics. It used to be a big place, but now they are small and a bit disappointing. They have a decently small offering of quilting fabrics, but their books are on display on just a turning rack. Nothing to speak of. So we went to JoAnn Fabrics. I know. You are all screaming "WHAT??? It is all we have. I found this great book and brought it to the counter when I realized my 40% coupon expired yesterday. I thought that maybe if I was nice to the cashier, he might give me a small discount just the same. Well, was I impressed. He was so lovely. He gave me a 50% discount. Yes. 50%. I only paid $13 for the book. I just about died. And this is a thick book.

It was the type of customer care we would give to customers at Fabric Depot in Portland Oregon. When I told him that, he said "Oh, I know that store! I lived there and shopped there all the time! It was a great store!!!" This young man could not have been any older that what - 20, maybe 22 years old. I was very impressed. I may go to that store more often now for my emergencies. JoAnn Fabrics hit my heart today, I must admit.


  1. I thought you had a whole library of books right there in Manchester! Was I wrong?

  2. Lovely :)Books will always have my heart,even when I am forced to pare down my collections.

  3. I do have books here in storage. But I was not a quilter until I started sewing at Fabric Depot. They turned me into a quilter. So I am just beginning my library. Here, my books are about different hand crafts like embroidery, needlepoint, things like that. I have some books that are quite old and collectible too.