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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kimono Scarf

Perhaps you have seen these in catalogs selling for anywhere from $60 to $150. They are made of course, from old Kimono silks and generally lined with new silks. I have not seen one in over a year. In my diaries which are in storage in Oregon, I have clipped the catalog pages they are advertised on. They are usually short and tied in one knot in the front. And they are always beautiful to look at and, I would imagine, wonderful to wear.

But I have chosen to design mine differently. I lined mine with the lining of the kimono, here you can see the coral pink. I made it 70 inches long so it can be twisted 'round in two. My two sisters always wear their scarves that way, and frankly, I love a scarf that is between 2 & 1/2 to 3 yards long. But I am a bit excessive.

In this piece there are gold, silver and pink metallic threads woven right into the design of the silk. There are just so many fabrics that it was difficult to choose which to use.

This copper piece also had a green dye graded into it. It was a lovely addition into the neutrals.

My sister Suzanne received this one for her birthday. I think I should make more. I want to take more of the kimonos out of storage. It takes forever to take one apart. But it is a peaceful process as I imagine the artist putting one together. Maybe I will go to the storage space tomorrow.

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  1. unspeakably beautiful - I am in love. Once again, your designer sensibility is brilliant. Make more. Make the world a prettier place!!! (P.S. I adore the greys with the lemon yellow - and I see coral peeking out as well. SIGH!