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Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas Fair

Even though I began this season very early, I was creating still, the day before Christmas.

These were pieces of kimono silk I had framed a few years ago and managed to sell a few of them at a craft fair in Laconia this year.There were two fairs and I did pretty well.

I made a series of little bags too and they sold pretty well. All kimono silk.I will continue to make these for more selling.

Raw Santas

This year's ornament was an angel. All the fabrics wereabout a hundred years old. I used raw sheep's wool for hair which I braided.

I think I have more pictures somewhere. I will have to check my camera for more details on these. The faces were the most difficult part of making these. They were very popular with the family  and a friend who bought four. I will have to look and see if there are more pictures. Or else I will make a new one and photograph the process as it is fascinating. They will be a great seller along with the bags and the Santas this year. I also made a series of neck scarves which I know I took pictures of. So there will be another post on these soon.

I have a great idea for the next ornament but am having a difficult time finding red and white pin stripe fabric.

All in all it was a great Christmas. Linda moved her living room around to fit in a gorgeous tree and lots of presents. She made gorton (pork pie filling). Then mom and I assembled the pies. A tradition in the family. Everyone got to take them home. She makes a very good pork pie filling that did not have all the frills that you see in recipes today.

Everyone was happy, content.

Now we are dealing with the cold weather illnesses. Linda came down with bronchitis and now mom has a bad cold that we are hoping will not get too bad. The whole country is dealing with weather.

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  1. I never thought the Santas were that big! I always imagined them as pretty small. Great collection! I'm very jealous about the pork pies. We had bread pudding here.