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Friday, May 30, 2014

Something New

Wow, I actually did this. I had to bring my mother to the dentist on Thursday. This dentist used to be mine before my years in Oregon and I know everyone quite well. I had been his subject for almost 30 years. While I was there this week, I was talking to Shelley, his office administrator, and she introduced me to Pinterest. So I am sitting here today trying to figure it out. Click and fail... And why is everything coming out in Italian?

I finally found this place and "Pinned" it. Then I had to figure out how to put it on my blog. I had to figure out where it went because it is linked to a different email address than my main one on Google. I need to figure out how to "Pinterest" on my main Google address. I love learning new things when it comes to fabrics and fibers. But I loathe learning new things when it comes to technology. The frustration and anxiety are just too overwhelming and I just want to give up. So this picture is from my first wall. I don't even know how to get back there.

I should be working on the quilt I am making for my nephew and his fiance who are getting married in October. Or finish the shawl I am making for "I don't know who". Instead I am spending hours just trying to figure out this new thing.

It makes me feel "less than....."

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