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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When God was young

I am so excited. I am about to photograph a wool scarf for the opening page of this blog. I have just designed the applique to be hand stitched to it. Why did I not think about this long ago? It surprises me how the pictures arrive one upon the other and voila! - creation. I wonder if it was like that for God when he was creating all of his stuff in the beginning. It has been like this for decades but I have never been exposed to such a public. Having had my own business, I controlled my market. It's different now. The whole 'internet thing' puts you out there in an unexplainable world and it can be daunting. It is so big, very big. It stops me from accomplishing things that some people think I should be doing, like learning how to use this computer to get my work out there. And I won't say anymore on that subject. I am certain that I am technologically challenged when it comes to computers and one day, someone will march into my life and will have the patience to sit and step by step, show me how to use it without frustration.
In the meantime, I continue to create new things and that is where my serenity is.

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  1. dripping with sarcasm ... I do so like your style!!!! Before the Computer Guru shows up, you will have it all figured out. Now stop whining and post the damn scarf!!! I'm waiting here!