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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Primitive beginnings

Every day, something new. This is to be mine for the day. Encouraged by the few I know who have their own, all the buzz in the media, and from those around me who chatter endlessly about their own, I have spent an entire day sitting before this frustrating little plastic machine trying to figure out how to accomplish this four letter word "blog". At the end of this typing, if it actually posts and someone reads it and posts a comment, then I will know I am one step closer to what is so all important to everyone around me - modern technology. I question - can it be possible to live without all of this stuff? My husband has a computer and never turns it on. He seems to be doing well. Of course he's no spring chicken. He's 62. I think there is a decade or two of people that can or cannot live without computers. They are the people who's needs are not involved with global living. My husband is small town. He goes to work. Comes home, takes care of his mother. His father passed on recently. His mother will follow in a short time. He plays with his dog. Then off to bed only to repeat the day on the next. That's the life. His daughter just had a baby. The family is all right there in the same neighborhood. Technology extends to the quality of the television and the automobile. Really.

Sometimes, my life gets so full of things to do that I yearn for such a simple life. But I know my husband misses my life. He misses all the people and the activity. The colors, the textures. When his mother passes, I will have him come visit for as long as he likes. Maybe he will drive here from New Hampshire. Spend a few weeks. Breathe a different air.

This was supposed to be a simple entry. And look. You have made me go on and on. Now I have to figure out how to place pictures on so I can show you my work.

A demain

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  1. that voice - oh, such a voice. I am so looking forward to following you in this quiet place. The blog is perfect. Bravo.