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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A stroll through heaven

This is an Oncidium Orchid that I have had for over two years. It flowers for me often. But this last flowering isn't coming out so well and I had come to the conclusion that it needed repotting. Actually, I have known this for awhile but have put it off because I haven't found a pot I like over the internet. Karen, my designer friend had mention we go to the Portland Nursery but we have not been able to coordinate our schedules of late. Today was the day.

If I was an outdoor person, I would have quit my job at the fabric store and applied for employment here. My heart was leaping everywhere and resting on so many leaves, branches and flowers. My soul was just happy. Just happy here. Huge. Very huge. I would have loved to spend an entire afternoon and several hundred dollars or more at this wonderful nursery. It was a rainy day, so the air was cold and wet. Perfect for such a viewing. And the scents. Spices, and cinnamons, and herbs, and I don't know what. I am a smoker and it is not easy for me to pick up smells. But here, my head was swimming in one scent after another. It is the time of year when it is not about flowers. It is about green. Bonzais, maples, ferns, bamboos, ground covers, winter herbs, leaves of all sorts, and the fall colors coming in.

I bought this pot and some bark. The old pot was squeezing the life out of the orchid. I threw some tiny stones into the mix. When I get a real camera I will take a better picture. It is a really beautiful relationship between pot and orchid. I also bought a "Rhamnus Frangula 'Asplenifolia'" for the porch. It is an outdoor shrub which I can keep there through the winter as our winters here in Portland Oregon are not as freezing like the winters in New England.

As much as I love flowers, more important to be surrounded with, is the foliage. For me, it is all about the leaves. I love the shapes and textures. Like with my fabrics. My friend Jody loves the outdoor gardening. And when I eventually move to NY, I will certainly enjoy her gardens. But I will bring indoors the growing gardens. Different, but..... the same.

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