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Friday, April 15, 2011


These Bohin needles are from France. They are an inch and a quarter long. For me, that is very short. My typical needle is almost 1&3/4 " long. Milliners needles. But this quilt has me getting used to new tools.

This needle is 5/8's of an inch longs. It glides through the fabric as though I was sewing tow sticks of butter together. .Some getting used to but I am growing to love them.

There is such a variety of needles out there. I am loving the Clover Black/Gold needles which have finally arrived at the store. I am patiently waiting for them to be unpacked and ready to be purchased so I can work with them. My fingers are unaccustomed but eager to learn.

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  1. Great posts, Pauline. If Only You Would Stop Using Your Cellphone To Take Pictures. :( It would be so nice to see the detail on all of these pictures. Lovely shots and descriptions. I love my cutting mat and rulers, and of course the new cutters. Makes cutting fabric so much fun!