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Sunday, April 3, 2011

At My Age?

I first thought it was just going to be a small thing until it turned into not being a small thing. And then you know how it goes. You can't leave it alone. Then someone comes over like a niece with a camera who wants to photo everything and then sends you groupings of photos and in that particular email there is the top photo which mortified me. What in god's name is that? Is it some extreme closeup of the very tip of the iceberg? Could it be possible for someone to get that close?

So I opened Caroline's second email and saw that this is the raw cheese that I was preparing for the appetizer before dinner. It never ceases to amaze me what my mind will do to me prior to investigation.

So I got this pimple. And a couple of other minor nuisances because of my new facial cleanse. I rather expected that. When a skin is not used to chemicals, it should rebel to a certain extent. It is like having a new boss. One must adjust.

I would like a face lift though~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  1. As Katherine Hepburn said: Age comes upon one unexpectedly