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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I made pot roast! I have always had a love of pot roast. But my experiences eating it have remained mostly those of childhood. I just didn't know very many people who considered it a part of their diet. Most people have heard of it, but have never tasted it even. Almost as if it was an ethnic food. Maybe...

Directions making it are difficult to understand. Here, the meat is cooked three quarters of the way. That is when you begin to add the vegetables. Here I have added the onions and carrots. I am not going to add the potatoes just yet because i don't want them to get too mushy.

Here it is at the end. The whole things has coked for almost four hours. I have to say that for most of that time I worried that the roast was not going to end up falling apart. I really thought it was going to remain had and too chewy. It just felt that way. But I kept it going. It wasn't till after I put in the vegetables that it all turned around.

this is the simmering meat. I had put in a white onion right from the beginning to give it that wonderful flavor that only an onion can give, that sweet richness of caramelization. But at this point it was still a tight roast and showed no sign of the fall apart meat that I remember from my youth. But I kept on going.

In the end, when the potatoes were done and I took it off the fire, I was so excited that I put a bit in the bowl above and sat to savor the tastes. Oh my god! It was wonderful. My teeth were not doing so well and I thought I would not be able to finish the dish. I ended up taking them out and was going to end the meal until I discovered I didn't need them, the meat was so tender.

I am calling my dentist tomorrow for him to set in my teeth permanently. It is time.

Pot roast. I can now cook pot roast. I am so happy.


  1. The pictures are incredible and could easily qualify for a cooking blog. I can almost taste it from here. Bravo!

  2. that is one good-looking roast! The carrots are calling to me! We love pot roast - and always smear the top of the beef with horseradish! YUM.

  3. Yummy pot roast,but I am sad that these are the most recent posts you have up; I miss you and am sad when I look at your emptyish sewing cubby at the depot. Hope you are well and thank you for all the incredible beauty and let me know where to send you more coffee :)