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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Isn't this a wonderful picture of two sisters? Denise is so foreign in a dress. In her head she was probably thinking "Get me out of this!!!!" She is the loveliest creature on earth. How I always thought and still do that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever known. When we were young I would spend hours and hours wondering how come I was not as beautiful as she. Even today I am in awe of her. We were apart for for so many years. I think we were apart for more years than we were together. And yet, were we. And now, we are apart again. I cried on the plane. It was easy to do because everyone was asleep. I sat with my light on, knitting, already missing my sister. I know. we have computers to talk constantly, the telephone. But she will no longer be sitting on my sofa with her computer on her lap while doing her laundry, eating pizza and drinking a beer..... It is just not like real life.

The flights were easy. Get out of the car, through security, and the gate was right there. Long flight into New Jersey. Get off the plane onto a shuttle bus which was a few steps away. Get off the bus and the second plane was , yes, right there. Really, no worrying about getting lost, or carrying my heavy bags a long distance. People are pretty paranoid, though. iI needed to go to the bathroom waiting for the first plane and I couldn't see carrying my heavy bags. I was sitting next to a very yuppy multi-generational family and I asked them if they might keep an eye on my bags for a few moments. I was shocked when one of the men my age, looked at me and said he couldn't guarantee anything. I'm thinking, you don't have to do anything. Just sit there on your pristine ass and pretend to be somebody until I get back because the bathroom is just a few feet away. Then this lovely Irishman dressed in a kilt wrapped in a lovely paisely wool blanket announced heartily in his accent "Go on. I'll protect ya!" and he waved me on. It only took me about three minutes and when I got back he saluted to me with a huge smile and I was so warmed by that. What is it with people that we are so afraid of each other......

The plane from New Jersey to New Hampshire was tiny. I sat in a row of single seats and it was wonderful. People were still sleeping. I never slept on either flight of course. I don't think iI can sleep anywhere other than my own home. I just knitted all the time I was there. Needless to say, my shawl is coming along beautifully. George, my husband was there at baggage when I arrived. We're older now, but the humor is the same. Some things are constant, thank god.

My knight in shining armor. I had such good traveling kharma that my luggage was some of the first to be unloaded off the plane even. How wonderful is that!

We went immediately and bought a new coffee pot, new sheets and a pillow, some basic groceries, and then to the new apartment. I can't call it home yet.


  1. Oooh I love that picture! In this one I can see my resemblance to her clearly! I'm so glad your flight was nice and you feel at home. We do miss you!

  2. You are definitely more trusting than me. I would never have even considered leaving my bags for a second. I guard them with my very life in airports. Yikes! Lucky you had a Scotsman (do the Irish wear kilts?) nearby. Definitely traveling kharma. I agree about George, a true knight. I cry too