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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Package

The package came yesterday but George brought it over today. He got home late last night from work and was tired. So I told him not to come out. Wait until today. If I had the money I would have taken a taxi and gone over there to get it, but I am not that affluent yet. So I work at being patient. George got out of work early today and picked me up so we could go to the farmer's market first. OK. More patience. It was fun. I love being with him. He makes me laugh and he has a great car, and he is just wonderful to be with.

So, I climbed the stairs with the box. Set it down, made an iced coffee, cleared the work I was doing on my bed, found a razor blade and opened the box.

This was the first bag I opened. My scissors. I have had these for a very long time. I think maybe 24 years. When I left the store, I left a lot behind. Just like when I left the apartment. I just couldn't bring everything with me. I have had many employers in my life. Never have I worked for people who valued me like the wonderful women at Fabric Depot, Portland Oregon. Working with them, Julie, Bobbi, Georgia, has been a profound experience. I am so grateful that I get to continue this relationship some three thousand miles between us. They saw my scissors and sent them in a bag with a covered hanger. That I didn't understand. A hanger.

The first project is the jacket out of a gold brocade. I have to be creative with the closure. The picture does not do the color justice, but perhaps when I am finished with the jacket, it will be better. The jacket isn't lined. If I were at the store, I probably would insist on lining it because the brocade fabric ravels so much. So I will have to be creative with the seams as I don't have a serger here yet.

I am making the dress I think on this. A golden brown satin. Self lined. Obviously I didn't pick the lining. It will be wonderful when I am done. I'm not sure if the dress will be going with the brocade jacket or, if I am supposed to make the jacket here too. I will call on Monday.

I am making the white and blue dress. Something cute and summer, only in Purple (the purple didn't come through in the picture) with a black trim. Very cute. I should look to see if my mannequin is acsessible in my storage space.

This explains itself.

This appears to be silk. Shears beautiful

Then there was a bag with a lot of interfacing which will be fabulous. That way I can choose what I need for each garment. No one will have to guess at what I like to use. Good move

And now, the last package:::

My sewing shoes. Crocs. just a simple pair of flats but very comfortable. I didn't wear them around in the store, just when I was sewing. They are so comfortable. I forgot that I left those behind.

They came wrapped in:

My seamstress coat. I made this right off when I got the job. It's big and covers my clothes, and catches all the little threads and fluff from working. It has huge pockets for carrying everything. I can't tell you how many customers over the years have stopped me, asking about it. I designed it from the movie "The French Lieutenant's Woman". Merryl Streep wore one like this at the end of the movie when she was working as a nanny. I saw the movie years ago but always kept the image of her smock in my memory. I made a pattern for it and copied the pattern so many times for customers. It just fits many body types. I made this one out of black twill. Easy care, perfect wear. And I will continue to wear it here as I work away every day. I will at some point take a better picture with my wearing it so you can see its full value. Then everyone will want one.

This is why they sent the hanger. I always had it hung on that hanger on the wall in my sewing room! They even sent the hanger. Can you believe that thoughtfullness? My heart is full.


  1. Awesome, Pauline! I will get your sewing supplies to you soon! I promise!

  2. I'm glad they sent you your stuff, there is a water cup with your name on it that made me miss you all over again *hugs*