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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Sewing Machine

It was a huge box that arrived with my sewing machine in it. My sister had it packed very well. Still, when I opened it, I was mortified because the machine was on its side. And computers can be delicate. Peanuts. I hate packing peanuts. They get everywhere. I swear I am still trying to sweep them up. It doesn't help that I have a broom and no dust pan.

So this is it. My heart was beating. Hoping that it waas going to be OK.

Packed in my suitcases was the beautiful scissors that Julie Olds gave me. Mundial. I was honored to get them. I love scissors. I can't tell you how many pairs I have. Maybe one day I will inventory my scissors. And as I do that, I will still be buying more. One never has enough scissors and rulers. The scissors cut all the bubble wrap and the very secure tie that bound the machine closed.

Here it is. I didn't have any scrap fabric at this point so I used an old dish towel and tried all the stitches on it. I had only one spool of thread and one bobbin. I loaded the bobbin up and tried it out and it worked perfectly, tension and all. I can breathe.

This is an antique table my husband and I bought when we were living in upstate NY, on one of the Carnegie estates. We bought it in an antique shop in the Tri-State area either in Connecticut or Massachusetts. He'll remember. I have a tendency to forget such things.

The rug was given to me from my first husband's grandmother. It comes from the Sear's estate in Harvard Massachusetts. At the time they gave it to me it was already 120 years old. That was in 1979. So that makes it bout 150 years old. The fringe was quite damaged at that point and while living in Boston, I had the rug cleaned and the fringe replaced. It is really quite lovely. So this is where the sewing machine will sit until I move and then it will sit on an actual sewing table. For now, it will have just a simple arrangement and all will be well.


  1. It's great to see you getting settled. The sewing machine, along with your big chair, are the most important aspects of all!!!! I remember that wonderful rug.

  2. I was so relieved to learn that the sewing machine had arrived intact. Next I have to get your sewing supplies sent out. I hope to work on that this weekend.