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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flowers in my home

Today I went to my baby sister's house for lunch. Linda is a wonderful cook. She loves to cook on the grill and so I knew I was in for a treat. This is what I was greeted by when I arrived in the house. It is supposed to be a dog. If I had a dog, this little creature would be "snack food". Her name is Essy. Who makes these little things?

On the other side, this is the television. It's so huge that I had to step way back to take a picture. My god, who makes these things? You can see the image of the mills along the Amoskeag River, once the livelihood for a huge population of the of this city.

Linda's indoor garden is massive. I would never have the room to grow one this big because my sewing takes up too much room. And this is just the half of it. I never did get to photograph what she has going on out doors.

The pictures are out of sequence. I really wanted this picture to be first. When I arrived in the kitchen, this was on the table. It comes from her garden. Can you imagine going outside and picking this for your table? I'd be in heaven every day!

This is Linda, my precious Linda who is about to go through a metamorphosis. Yeah!!! She has been my precious one since I held her when she was born. I was twelve years old and started changing her diapers right from then.

And this is my beautiful sister Suzanne who used to be the youngest for ten years until Linda was born. Suzanne is married to John and lives in Laconia and is a Master Gardener and a writer, an ex-politician, she's going to have me delete that, and so many other important things. She is a sweet patient lovely incredible woman. And she loves shoes.

These are some of the dolls that I have made for Linda over the years. They even have the dust to attest for their age.

Mother. Who raised six incredible children. Now a bit frail but very healthy. A bit of a bad back. Silent a lot. But healthy and content.

Linda has birds.

I wanted so badly to take a picture of this moth. It was on the kitchen door. I took about twelve pictures in all sorts of ways and modes. This is the best I could do. It was beautiful. I have never seen one like it before. Linda says it has been there for a couple of days. In the same spot. I was so taken by it. Typical of me.

The lunch table.

Steak tips. I don't usually eat red meat, but, Linda does have a way with the grill and this steak was so tender, so tasty that I ate a whole piece. Can you believe it? I did.

And these are the vegetables she roasted on the grill. Onions, so sweet, orange peppers, asparagus, sweet red peppers. mushrooms, summer squash. Just barely roasted so that they still maintained their texture and taste. Then she served small baked potatoes with Greek yogurt. She even had an electric pepper grinder! Hah. I've only seen that on cooking shows.

I don't remember being this much taller than my mother. To make her laugh, Linda had her say "chocolate!" So, it runs in the family.

And last, Suzanne and I went out into the garden to pick some flowers that I got to take home. I am not the expert arranger that she is, but they are so beautiful to look at. And there's my pin cushion, and a hand made jar that holds jewelry - yes, I own some!


  1. it was wonderful to "meet" your sisters! I can see a definite resemblence tying all three of you together! Linda has lovely flowers and I'm so glad that you were able to bring some home with you!

  2. These dolls you made are wonderful! I have an obsession with handmade dolls- eventually I would like to make some and incorporate them with my assemblage work.