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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something Old

This old towel once had the sole purpose to dry my hair. It was pretty with tiny red flowers in little bouquets which you can almost see. Tiny green stems and leaves. I had only one towel like this. I never bought sets of things. I still don't. It was a simple towel, not hugely thick like everyone covets today. It was thin and perfect for my hair. You can still see the manufacturer's tag. It surprises me because I loathe those things and always cut them off. But for some reason, I never cut this one off. Very very odd.

How old can it be? Maybe 25 years old? I have had this for so long. So long.....

How did it make the trip to Oregon? I just don't remember taking certain things with me. My trip here is rather a blur I am afraid.

Now, this precious towel is threadbare, cut in two, and used as a rag. Every time I wash it I think, time to throw it out. And still, there it is. I just can't seem to do that. I can't seem to live without it.

You are laughing at me. Can't live without a rag. But this is no ordinary rag. It has been through "the years" with me. No, I am not parting with it just yet.......

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  1. I applaud your sense of what is precious and meaningful :)It is the best part of being human.