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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Children

After spending three weeks under complete pressure working on the garments for the International Textile Expo, it was quite a delightful change to do some children's things. I was given the white eyelet fabric and the pattern. So I went out in search of the colors. The pattern highlighted the colors as usual, in pinks. Well, I get tired of pink when it comes to little girls. So I went orange. It is absolutely adorable. What I object to though, is that this is a three page pattern with only measurements. No paper pattern to cut out and place on the fabric. Cut a piece of fabric 14 x 28 inches etc. The pattern is badly photocopied. And it cost $10.95!!! Not good. I just realized this at the end of today when marketing brought me the pattern because she was through with her end of it. I am going to check out the other patterns in this line as see if they are all like this. Because if they are, customers are going to complain about the price vs. the quality.

But it is a cute piece that anyone can make. You have to admit.

The powers that be are going through the warehouse shelves and pulling bolts of fabric that we have an abundance of and giving them to me to work up. They know that whatever I do sells fabric. This is a panel. Just as it is. I didn't even have to put a border on it. Below is the coordinating fabric. Cut by the yard. So I carefully cut it to match the top and then had to figure out how to put a batting in it. I know most quilters don't like to use the spray adhesive but for the store I make just simple little quilts and they don't want me to take the time to baste the quilt and do all the typical stitching that a good quilt involves. So what I did was to cut the backing the right size, I sprayed it to the batting, and then cut that to the right size. Then I sprayed and applied the front fabric. Then I basted all around. I found this red fabric that had little dots in it of all the colors in the quilt. I used that to bind the quilt. When you are creating a display, it has to stick out. The red made that happen. Hanging in the store, that red border is attracting to the eye. Of course, no matter what. I always hand stitch my bindings.

It ended up looking very good for not having to spend a moment piecing anything. I did do some stitching in the ditch on the top lines. But that didn't take long, not for me anyway. I used a walking foot which makes everything so much simpler. Quilters really have things under control.

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