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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Camera case

When I first got my camera I immediately made a case for it. So, this weekend I was looking for it and couldn't find it anywhere. I hate that when that happens. You just know that as soon as you replace it, the old one will show up, eh!

So I whipped up this cute little case in about three minutes. The ribbon winds around the beautiful button. that's the closure. It is just a tiny piece of fabric left over from a project from the store. I rarely bring home anything from those projects, but I couldn't resist this little piece.

So I am sitting here trying to take a picture of this and I look up. What do you think I see? There on the shelving next to the iron is the first case I made. .....


  1. Great story, Pauline. But you really must take another picture. This one is too blurry to see what you are describing.

  2. This is the Home Dec fabric that you made that fabulous coat out of, isn't it? Great idea, what did you use to line it?