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Friday, March 18, 2011

Time For A Bath

First of all, I have to say that, although a popular style of shower and bath control, I just loathe this type. It is very very difficult to control the temperature of the water . AND, it does not allow you to control the flow of the water as it comes out of the shower head. There is only one strength and that is that. Now I am supposed to be living in one of the more expensive units so you would think that things like this would be more upscale. But they did not spend any extra money on this sort of thing. It is like the kitchen sink. There is no spray nozzle. Just the faucet. Can you imagine a sink in this day and age without a sprayer? I mean, stupid.

But I really love this apartment. It is very quiet and very very private. My neighbors are so quiet and out of site I might as well be living in a house all by itself. I never hear cars, or sirens, or planes. Just peace and quiet.

So I am not really complaining. Just a little tiny little little bit....

I have not showered my plants all winter. I usually like to do this every month or two. So, tonight I have done this. Each one goes into the tub, gets a nice luke warm shower and them is allowed to drip dry to a certain point before going back to its dish. When did these plants get so big! This fern was in a small four inch pot two years ago. This tiny little thing. It doesn't get any sun, nutrients twice a year, a little air in the warm months. It just loves being here! It sits on my sewing table and absorbs the vibrations of my sewing machines and the view of the neighborhood which never changes. It watches the rain fall and the wind passing through the trees. It loves it. It thrives. Nice.

I have had this one of four or five years? I think I had it two years befor I moved in here. So Maybe four years? In all of those years it has always - always had flowers. It came to me very small and I have re-potted it twice. It is desperate for a new pot. It is way too full I think. And even at that it flowers. Sometimes the flowers are huge and sometimes small. I am always primping this one, removing yellowed leaves and having conversations with it. It sits behind my sewing machine to the left of the above fern. Again, a happy peaceful plant.

This one. Sorry it is a bit blurry. This one comes from a terrarium I have . I needed to weed it out. It was just a tiny little sprig of a fern. I put it in this pot and look. Within almost a year's time, it has grown into a full plant. It not only is full grown on its own, but it grows this little offsprings on its leaves. It is an incredible fern. I love ferns. If I lived near a forest, I would be growing in the house lots of mosses and ferns because there is so much out there to admire.

You can't really see the largesse of this one, but it is huge. Almost a floor plant. Again, when did this get so big!!! I remember when I got it, it was so small. I think I got it at the grocery store for maybe $5. And now it takes up half a window. It has so much strength and life. It has an incredible presence that always lifts my spirits when I look at it. Denise gave me these little turtle sculptures and one of them is int his pot. They belong together, the turtle looks so happy to be there. In this picture, the pot looks small. In real like, that pot is 9 inches high and 7 inches wide. I would re-pot it, but it shows no sign of strangulation. So I am not sure it really wants a new pot.

I do have a terrarium and an orchid. The orchid just came out of bloom and the terrarium need weeding. Maybe next week I will take care of those. the weather is not right for now. The orchid has bloomed four times for me in the past two years and we have this understanding. I have a sense with it. It is not the right time to disturb it. So I will wait another three weeks or four.

I love indoor gardens and if I were very rich and lived in a huge house, I would have indoor gardens in every room. Very specific gardens, ones that matched each room. And a fish tank. And a bird cage.


  1. didn't we live like that once? But those wealthy people did not care for plants in every room. Remember the wonderful solarium? With Baby Bird, that loud rebel rouser? You had doves. I miss Migdale. That life.

  2. Good to know that you're so good with plants, and that you love them! I have a few great ones that I've had for almost ten years, and always wonder what to do with them when I go on extended trips! ;) ;)