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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Las Vegas Again

It's time again for the International Textile Expo. At least, that is what I think I am sewing for. I am always left in the dark. One day I am working away on all my projects and then the next I am called in and given a pile of fabrics with the directive - Logantex. Logantex is the manufacturer of the fabrics and they are showing their lines and i am to make their model garments. I love doing this but I have two issues:
1 - always last minute
2 - the most boring fabrics

So Julie picked this pattern for this blue knit fabric called "Sophia".
The front is absolutely lovely.

The back has one small issue. I am sure I can correct it, but I have three more outfits to work on first. What you are seeing as a navy trim is actually a black lingerie elastic that is perfect for this dress. It wraps over the edge of the knit and provides a tiny loop on the upper edge. You would never know it was meant for panties.

It looks all crooked here but it just doesn't fit the mannequin well. This is not a very good picture now that I look at it closely. It really looks better in real life. It just needs a little tweeking. It is not a style that appeals to everyone. It is very today, young, and you have to be able to wear dresses without a bra, I think. I have to keep remembering that I can't just make things that I adore.

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  1. The picture is wonderful. Great job with your camera. I can zoom in and see exactly what you're describing. It was fun seeing all your creations at work last night. And listening to what you have yet to get done. Really loved the black coat too. You should take pics of that and the black suit.