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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fruit cake

I was just reading a cooking magazine and once again I was reminded that another Christmas has gone by and I have not seen a single fruit cake. What has happened to the fruit cake. Why has it fallen out of favor?

This lovely cake used to be on every shelf during the holidays. I would always buy them. They would last forever. I would cut slivers off as treats and savor each bite. And old friends knew me well enough that each year I would get sometimes five of them as presents.
And there was a couple of years, back in the early eighties, when I had this huge cupboard in the front hallway and I made fifteen loaves of this thick whisky cake filled with fruits that I even candied myself. Everyone thought I was nuts for going to that extreme but I didn't see anyone throwing the cakes out! And I made them in lovely shapes using some pretty fancy molds. At one time I had quite a collection of bundt cake molds. I miss those. There is nothing like a beautifully shaped fluffy cake.

Alas, I am afraid I will have to research recipes and look into making my own again. Quelle Domage (what a pity). Maybe I should revive the art and sell them.

Why have they fallen out of favor? Personally I think people took bites that were too big. This cake should be eaten delicately. If at a table setting, there should be a little slightly whipped, lightly sugared cream to the side. It has to be eaten a certain way. We have a tendency to just load our mouths full with everything. We eat too fast and pass judgement just as quickly without having really tasted every crumb. And fruit cakes have so much going on. They need a light touch. A delicate mouth.

I guess you have to decide if your mouth is capable of being delicate.....


  1. I LOVED that fruitcake you had made!!! Had never had it before and haven't had any since!!!

  2. Hi Paulina, you have a wonderful blog. I came across it after reading the post that Jody did about your beautiful knitting! My name is Delisa, I am 48 years old and live in a small town in Georgia. I too love fruitcake and was having the same dilemma finding one this year! I even went so far as buy some of the fruit and try to make one myself, but it didn't taste right. I don't if it was my recipe or if the candied fruit mixture had a little too much citrine, but it wasn't the way I remembered. My husband loves Panetone, which is an Italian style fruit cake that is more like a yeast bread. I also love to knit and crochet. Your work is beautiful and you are very talented. I hope you have a lovely afternoon! Delisa ;)

    1. Nice to meet you. I even went online and looked around. Very expensive these things. I will work on my recipe and when I perfect it, I will send it to you. Email me at so I can have you in my address book. And then I will keep you posted on my project. OK!

  3. Typically no one likes fruitcake. It surely must be our large indelicate mouths, yes?