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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No longer sailing

OK. So the pictures are not the best. I am not known for my fantastic photography. Not like my dear friend Jody who takes the most beautiful photos. She probably would have put a basket of vegetables and flowers on the hood or one of her beautiful quilts.

I was still at the dealership. And the weather was bad, and I have never taken a picture of a car before. I have never had to. But this one is a milestone for me.

Yes, this is my car. Did you read this? My car. Well, it belongs to my family really as they purchased it. But I get to take care of it and drive it. What is it?

It is a 1998 Ford Escort SE. It has 73,000miles, Michelin tires that look brand new that are filled with nitrogen (what?). It is front wheel drive. George says that is important. OK. It does not have a single ding outside nor dirt spot inside. It is a 4 cylinder motor so it is not meant for high speed. So no trips cross country in search of Elvis Presley. It has no noises. I feel totally safe in it. This is important because I will be driving my mother around in this car and heaven forbid something should happen while we are out. And she will be comfortable in the front seat. Some cars you sit in are not comfortable. They are too low, too hard. Some car seats I just don't like. This is a good one.

It is a simple car. When it came time to drive away we went to fill the gas tank. When I opened the door this thing kept beeping. Even when the door was closed it was beeping like it was going to blow up. George didn't know what it was about either. It stopped when I started up the car. So I drove back to the dealership and told them about it. Stupid.

It is amazing how far technology comes in a short period of time. The headlights were on. These you have to manually turn on and off. If you leave them on and take the keys out of the ignition, the beeping will tell you "Hey lady, don't forget me!!!" See, with George, his lights are automatic. They go on when he is driving, and off when he is not. I got used to that in a very short period of time. Everything is simple in this car. I rather like that. Simple, like my sewing machine.

So, I am no longer sailing. I am driving.


  1. Wow, a car! Amazing. It looks very nice, truly. Looking forward to all the stories about the car that I'm sure you'll have to share moving forward. Keep taking pictures! Keep sharing! And good luck.

  2. congrats - now you are well on the road to independence!!!! Those are snug little hubcaps! I am very happy for you, Pauline, wheels will certainly make a difference for you.

  3. Jody, I see a road trip in her future. ;)

  4. This isn't really a long distance car. It is only a 4 cylinder car? Is that the right term? 4 Cylinder? But I could try.....