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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Knitting Away

Is there no limit to how many socks one can knit? I think not! I can knit them in my sleep. They are so basic. Normally, I don't like to work with variegated yarns because I much prefer working up fancy stitches and the patterns are not very obvious when there are so many colors like this pair. I made this pair for my mother and was going to give them to her for Mother's Day. But I ended up giving them to her last week while the weather was still cold. Of course she loved them as a good mother does. The pinks and purples and golds. All colors she wears in sweaters. I will have to come up with something else for Mother's day. I don't know what. Maybe a nice little cotton blouse. She loves clothes and when you compliment her on something she is wearing, her response is always "Oh my, I have had this thing for years. I have so many clothes. I should bring things to the Salvation Army. I just have too much. " So maybe something new would be nice. Something short sleeved and light.

Then Alice mentioned that she would love a pair of socks as her feet get cold a lot so I whipped these up real quickly. I didn't do anything fancy. I let the striping speak. I was surprised to be able to match each one almost perfectly. That is not always easy when using the self-striping yarn. I was proud of this pair. I think she will love them. They are on a plane over the United States somewhere. I am hoping she gets them on Monday.

I am watching programs on Ireland, being St. Patrick's Day. I love traditional Irish music. I love the accent and the old folk lore. I love the landscapes. Public Television has a lot of programming today. It is all so haunting and touching. I have an Irish Aunt who was Miss Dublin in 1958. I think that was the year. I should write to her and see how she is. I think of family all the time. And today, in particular, I think of my Aunt Moira. I used to love listening to her talk. I think it rains a lot in Ireland. I would like that. And some great wools used to come from Ireland. And Waterford is there. Imagine! It could be a peaceful place to write too.

Just dreaming~~~~~

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  1. I hope I won't interrupt your wonderful dreaming but just wanted to share another pair of socks you recently made:

    Hopefully that link works! I love them! Thank you for sharing your talent.