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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Swift

I was trying to take a picture of my swift as it was spinning around. How beautiful it is going 'round and 'round as my thumb and index finger hold the ball and my right hand coils the yarn coming off the swift carefully onto the ball. You don't want the ball to be too tight as it stretches the yarn and ruins whatever it is that you are knitting up. What I ended up getting was this haunting image of the swift in motion and my mind mesmerized into meditation in winding two balls, each having 437 yards of quite thin yarn on them.

At the same time, I was watching all the special features and lectures put forth by Thich Nhat Hanh at the end of a movie I had been watching on the life of the Buddha. So, I was way out there to begin with. The city could have been hit with a tornado and I would not have noticed.

This is lace yarn. I am designing a thin scarf for my little sister Linda. It will be 72" long and I am not yet sure how wide. I am designing it myself. It is my first piece that is this ambitious that I am designing myself. I should use bigger yarn and do a sample first and then write up the pattern and make the shawl. But not me. I am digging right into the shawl. It is so dumb. It is doing well though. It is going to be a twelve row repeat and I am on row 10. I ended up going out and buying some correction fluid. I have the instructions written in colors for each section. There are four sections in each row. Outer edges, sides, inner sides and then the center.

As soon as I get a foot or so done, I will put it up on this site. I bought the yarn at a new little yarn shop in Goffstown. They opened their shop in the fall. It is called "The Spotted Sheep". Tiny but it has a little of everything. We talked a bit about what I am doing and the owner asked if I might bring it by when I am done. So I thought perhaps I might take pictures and print up the pattern and maybe sell it in her store. A few dollars for her and a few dollars for me. It is just paper.

I might at some point even learn how to spin. They teach spinning there. I would love to get a great wheel and learn. Years ago I attempted it and it was wonderful. Oh, I just can't tell you what it felt like to spin my own yarn. But, a Great Wheel is big and you need a little space for it. Ah, but to be able to spin your own yarn - how extraordinary would that be?!!!

When I unpacked a huge bucket of yarn that I had in storage here I found a whole pound of roving the most beautiful shade of a dark teal, very dark, begging to be spun. I thought of finding someone to spin it for me, but what if I learned to do it myself? I at one time, had a couple of drop spindles. Where are those? I must have more of those things in storage.

The NH Sheep and Wool Festival is taking place in May. I will have to see if George wants to go. We went every year when it was held in New Boston. Now it is being held in Deerfield. That is where you can get all the raw wools, the hand dyed rovings and yarn. From the men and women who create these fibers for a living. It is fascinating. This year, I will bring my camera. I will show the enthusiasm to you all.

I have to go to bed now. George and I are button gallivanting in the morning. More on that tomorrow.

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