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Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Works

I already showed you the winding of this yarn on my swift. Now I am working on creating the scarf. You can see my needles which are from Signature Needles and they are absolutely the best. Very pricey. They can be upwards to $45 a set but you get to design them yourself and once you start working with them, you just don't want to use anything else. I Use the stiletto point when working with the fine yarns because I don't have to struggle with splitting the yarn or the pick-up.

As you can see, I use a lot of stitch markers. The ones with the beads separate the different patterns and the black rings separate the repeats within a pattern. This scarf I am designing myself. I have searched a lot of patterns for this particular scarf for my sister Linda and in the end, decided to create one myself. After all, I have been knitting for over 50 years. I guess I qualify to become a designer. The shop where I bought the yarn is interested in seeing the end of the piece and wants to sell the pattern. And, Signature Needle Arts is also interested in this project. I am also working on a shawl using their needles for my sister Suzanne and they want to see that one too, although I did not design that pattern. For that one, they want a commentary.

As difficult as this is to see, this is an idea of what the pattern looks like for this scarf. It will be a sixteen row repeat. Each row is written in colors as each row involves four different pattern stitches and I find it much easier to keep it all straight when I am looking at colors between my markers. I may print up the patterns this way too. I might charge a couple of dollars more for the pattern because of the colors, but I think the knitters who buy them will agree that they can follow it better this way. If I can, then they can.

This is a silk yarn I have which will be for an upcoming project, unsure of what its destiny will be. A very gentle green. eh!

I fell in love with this pumpkin orange yarn and am designing a sock. The yarn is a wool and silk from Peru. I love how the yarns today are completely washable. Sock yarns have come such a long way. Although I still hand wash my socks, it is good to know that people who are not prone to such care can just throw them in the machine.

I am calling this pattern "Landscape". I see mountains in this. Even though I did knit up a slight cuff, the mountains are so strong that the cuff is wavy. I love that about this pattern. I don't do the "knit two, purl two" cuff as you always see in the traditional sock. I don't like those. I find them quite binding. I want a sock to just sit above my ankle. I want it to just breathe on my leg. Once the sock is finished and blocked, you will see it better.

It is a very easy twelve row repeat pattern and is transportable for when I go places where I can't concentrate heavily. I am going for more infusions the next couple of weeks and socks are perfect for that situation. Often, patients near me want to talk about what I am doing and it is difficult to talk and knit at the same time unless I am knitting up something simple like socks. This pair will be done in no time. Hummm, who will get them.

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