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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just to die for

When I was choosing the fabrics to make the art bag a few weeks ago, I came across the chirimen fabric in the Bridal Dept. Of course, it is not silk chirimen. It's rayon. But never the less, there it is. It it classic in its prints, beautiful in its colors and perfect for whatever you want to do with it.

So, I was determined to put something on display using the fabric. This is a wonderful little blouse. Simple in design. You can't see them, but there are two little pleats in the front. Just a classic blouse. I was hoping that the Bridal Department would display it in such a manner that it would push the fabric right out of the house, but they didn't. I put the blouse on a mannequin and hiked it onto the counter where it definitely can be seen, but that is it. I am not happy that they have not taken it any farther. Oh well, I am going to take a few dollars and buy pieces of the fabric every chance I can. It is $20 a yard. Pretty expensive for not being silk. But with my discount it is only $12 a yard. I should use my knitting money to get a yard a week.

Right now I have three pieces. I am always talking about my kimonos in storage in NH. When I get reunited with them, I am just going to faint. I have been collecting ideas for projects for ever, it seems. Maybe I could start with these even though they don't have age. They certainly are beautiful.


  1. No one knows silk like you do. Authentic or rayon - you have all the bases covered in manipulation of the stuff! It surprises me too that your store doesn't understand how to retail a gorgeous product. Sometimes I wonder if they know what a gem they have in YOU!
    I wish that we could get you back to the northeast - I'd like to be the person who reunites you with all of your magnificent kimonos! What a day that will be - CELEBRATION.

  2. Oh Paulina,it's beautiful!!!! And Jody, it is a mystery sometimes ( you should see the pillows and clothes for Home Dec she did,wow!)