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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eat Cake

I was reading Jody's blog and saw that she was making cakes. I realized that ever since I got this silicone bunt pan for Christmas I haven't used to. So, her blog motivated me to take it out and create something.

This looks rather sad. I should have put it on a plate and covered it in chocolate. OK. I made mistakes. The cake itself is divine. It looks awful because I thought, silicone, rubbery, easy to remove, doesn't need to be oiled. Right? Wrong.

Needs to be sprayed with oil. According to my findings on the internet. This beauty of a pan came without instructions. So I had no reference. Whe it cooled and I removed the cake carefully, although not horrible, it just wasn't as defined as I am accustomed with a well greased pan. Now I know.

The recipe:

Oven 350 o

In a bowl, sift:
2 1/2 C flour
1 1/2 ts b soda
2 ts cinnamon
2 ts ginger
1/2 ts salt

In another bowl mix:
1/2 C honey
1/2 C molasses
1 C hot water

In a heavy pan melt:

1/2 C butter
Let it cool a bit. Add:
1/2 C sugar
1 egg

Beet well, until it looks smooth.

Add the flour and the sweet mixture in bits until all is combined.

Add chopped dried fruits Like
Candied ginger

I never add nuts because it takes away the delicateness of the cake, but you may think differently.

It takes an hour to cook depending on your oven.

I don't frost this cake. Sometimes I will heat it a little and butter it, or add a bit or jam. But really, I can devour it just as it is.

Bon appetit!!


  1. this sounds like a really delicious cake. I like those pans - always pick them up and walk around the store with them and then put them back. I don't know - the fact that they are rubbery and collapsible makes me nervous! The bundt pan always needs buttering and I coat that with flour as well. Isn't it alarming when they refuse to leave the pan!!!! I like that this recipe calls for honey and molasses - a real hearty cake, will have to give it a go. Are you still making Sunday dinner for your sister and niece?

  2. I think the collapsible cookware is ingenious. Perfect for a boat where space is so limited. Kudos to you for making the cake and wish I could have been there to try some. Boo hoo for me.