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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Something New

These are my brothers and sisters. Suzanne, Denise, Myself, Phillip and Richard. From left to right, from youngest to oldest. I have yet another sister but she was born way after us and was not a part of this type of picture taking. Don't we look like we should be a commercial print? Really, this picture looks like you would see it in a poster or advertisement. My siblings. My family. 1956. A great time to be a kid. I was six years old? Denise - 5. Phil - 7, Richard 8, Suzanne 4. I would be turning 7 maybe shortly after the picture was taken. And the world was safe and simple.

I learned something new. I love learning new techniques when I seek them out. But sometimes I have to learn things through frustration.

I am photographing a project and it annoys me that this little clock icon keeps blinking. So I have been sitting here trying to figure out how to stop it. I have been sitting with my camera for over a half hour trying to figure out this problem. I have the book. But the book makes no sense. Denise is always laughing at me because of this. I am so not a technical person when it comes to electronics. BUT, I did it. As it turns out, it was blinking because it wanted me to fill in the date/time zone. As soon as I entered that information, the icon disappeared. Amazing. As much as I know in the field of fibers, at the same time, I am so very stupid when it comes to modern technology.

Oh, and I just remembered today. I guess I should send in my state taxes, eh!

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