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Monday, April 5, 2010


I was sitting today working on a small project as usual that was all handwork when it occurred to me that, like all other stitchers who do a lot of hand work, I have certain tools that are always by my side that make my work possible. I am often asked what I use and I forget. I forget that I have this little array of things that are always present.

Recently, I went to buy a new package of "Lickety Grip" only to find that there was one left and no back stock. I asked the buyer if more was on order and she said she was discontinuing it. I was mortified. I have been using this for years. Fabric Depot is the only source I have ever known to have it. They have placed another order and I promised to sell it.

You know how we are always licking our fingers to make the end of thread knot. I just rub my finger on this and make my knot. I also use it in place of "Thread Heaven" as it works better. It is smoother and lighter on the thread.

I also use it when I'm sewing. You know how difficult it is to press edges of necklines, any seam where a press is required so that the stitching disappears cleanly, like on sashes. I touch my fingertips to the Grip and get better control of the fabric and it doesn't leave a stain.

If anyone wants to try it, let me know. How many times have I taken a sip of coffee then licked my fingers to twist a knot only to stain the thread. I haven't done that in a long time...

Can we ever have enough pin cushions? This is a tiny little thing that holds a couple of pins and my sewing needle. You can see on the right that it has a braid so I can pin it to the arm of the chair and I don't have to worry about it falling onto the floor when I get up for another cup of coffee.

I nice pair of tiny scissors that has a good sharp point. A good sharp point gets into anything no matter how minute.

Frustrated with thimbles, I have never found one that fit, and that stayed on my fingers. So all of my life I have developed callouses. One day I found a piece of very thin leather and the idea came to me. I fashioned a sleeve.

This slips over my entire finger like a glove. I can barely feel it there, it never falls off, and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

So, this is my little box that is currently holding the project I am developing. I will be blogging it later this week. I just put the lid on and bring it to work and work it on my lunch. All neat and tidy. So there you have it. My tool box!

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