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Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood

Isn't she the most adorable little doll? I took about thirty pictures today using several backgrounds to get the right pictures. This is my very favorite line of dolls which I have been making for decades. Gail Wilson has been designing these historical dolls for a very long time and I have been a follower of hers since the late eighties. So for 30 years.

It is all about creating a body, stuffing, painting, varnishing, antiquing, dressing. I used to use the cottons I found inside the collars of kimonos which were already old. These cottons are not with me here, so I have to use the cottons in her kits. The kimono cottons were 100 years old and i didn't have to make them look old. They were old. The hair was different for me this time. I had to create an actual wig for this one. I love the length of it.

And this was the first time I have made a wooden basket. i had to boil a thin sliver of wood, shape it around a dowel, let it dry, glue, paint, create the handle. And then i made four aples and a tiny napkin to fill the basket. There are wires in the arm sho they can be bent to hold the basket.

I am excited. When I go into work later today, I will be shipping this off to my baby sister. Linda has several of these dolls. It is her birthday. I haven't celebrated her birthday in several years. And I know she adores these dolls. And - she might even get this in time for her birthday which is on the 28th if I send it 3-day priority. I am rarely on time for anyone's birthday. I usually get the brilliant idea of what to make them too late to get it done on time. I think I will be on time this birthday. I am very pleased.

I think everyone should experience making one of these lovely dolls.

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